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Financial and blockchain advisor

Token Invest is a technology-driven advisory and investment firm that serves start-ups and corporates that operate within the Web3 ecosystem. We focus on a triaxial offer : blockchain set-up, investment solution, Web 3.0 financial advising.
Est. 2018+20 projectsBlockchain investment fund

Blockchain Set-up

Investment solution

In 2021, we created Espace Velocity, an investment certificate located in Geneva for professional investors. The objective is to achieve substantial long-term capital appreciation by investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies.

Latest Escape Velocity share price

November 11, 2022
EUR 24.04
Isin Code : CH1100420343

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Web 3.0 Financial Advising

We are financially advising clients at every scale, from start-up to family offices and institutions. We will elaborate jointly the most appropriate Web 3.0 investment strategy.

Scope of services

  • Own Due Diligence Process
  • Financial Advisor in Blockchain Field
  • Creation of an Actively Managed Certificate
  • Designing of Investment Strategy
  • Compliance, Financial & Legal Support